Track You Down

by seela

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    New album from Seela. Eco-wallet with kookie folk art.

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released December 1, 2016



all rights reserved


seela Austin, Texas

Born to exhausted Indian immigrants on a mild, summer eve, Seela had an average childhood battling the forces of evil with her superhuman strength. On quality meals of Supertramp, Led Zeppelin, Fozy Bear, & U2, she flourished in nerdy-ness, topping off @ 5’3″. Though songwriting has yet to lead to fame & fortune, opportunity, adventure, & delight have yet to cease. ... more

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Track Name: Blue Mountains
I know what it feels like to fly
I just can’t remember the where or why
something’s coming closer than a secret
give it away I’m not gonna keep it

I know what it feels like to try
every muscle moving for the day you die
I’ve been standing too close to the mirror
blurry bubbles; I can barely see her

Keep your hands inside the windows
through blue mountains we go into the
open sky is here waiting
for the day

everything’s so perfect from up high
everyone I love became a lullaby
closed my eyes and let myself be taken
nothing was the same when I awakened

Keep your eyes on where you’re going
chin up, shoulders back and burning
I swear, we’re never returning till the day….
Track Name: Awake to Remember Me
I don’t like looking at your face
I’m suffocating in this place - that you put me to be still
tried to bent me to your will
I love looking at your face
in every wrinkle I can trace
everything I’ve put you through, tried to turn you into

And though the flight
took you into the night - with a head full of fantasy
Awake to remember me, awake to remember me
And all the things that we expect from close proximity
We had to have it - Got to have it…

When it’s fit to be alone, away from everyone you know
you wrap around your warmest skin
your heart slows down and hums again
I don’t like looking at your face
the marks I’ve made I can’t erase
Pride, Bull-headed vanity but you alone can set me free

To say you’re cursed won’t keep you from feeling worse
or appease your dreamless sleep
Awake to remember me, awake to remember me
and all the things that we expect from close proximity
We got to have it - had to have it…
Track Name: Track You Down
Rocks and shells I’m remembered again
I’m sleeping in while the sun burns off the fog
Bringing with me everything I got
old guitars, a clock, and a shepherd dog
Dry up the river and breathe the water in
Before you fly I’m gonna have to crawl

I’m gonna track you down

Skinny kids and flies in the Promised Land
Brittle bones are crushed for hotel sand
I run to the fence and call your name
I do all the deeds and you take the blame
I’ve got trouble and the sense to be without
You’ve got the devil cold-cocked in the mouth

I’m gonna track you down

Hearts and Spirits, I am crushed again
I stay up while the moon boils in my veins
Toss it out and set the can on fire
Unfold all the plans then throw them away
Run to the river and drink the water down
Choking on my breath I wanna drown

I’m gonna track you down…
Track Name: Faith
Faith, come bring me home
I’ve been away too long, and I’m more than ready to let you into my heart.
I don’t wanna be alone
Left with my rights & wrongs
And I’m sure you’re not the phantom I thought you were

I was only emptying to fill with disappointment
now I’m not feeling anything but failure eating me up

Faith, come hold me down
I keep on floating away
I am tossed into the air with the slightest touch
Burn this paper crown, wash my filth away
And present me to the king in whom I’ll put my trust

Once dumb and beholden to everything untrue
I wanna be certain of your promise to never give up

Faith, I’m giving in
You can take it from here
I’m hoping I’ll be putty in your hands
Yeah, I hope you win
You’ve made it oh, so clear
you have little interest in my stupid plans.

My intentions varying …so out of control
I’m not trusting anything
Oh but (good) true love holding me up.
Track Name: Love, Burn Me Down
Take me into the woods unknown
Far, far from
familiar sound
Love, burn me down

Pull me up from this river
Moving slow
deep in the ground
Love, burn me down

Calling up to my father
For wasted pride
I cannot redeem
Love wash me clean

You are stronger than hunger,
I pay no fine
for self pity or greed.
Love wash me clean.

I am dry leaves and paper
Wretched mouth
that cannot be pleased
Love, make me free

I am steely skyscraper
Eye-sore so
cursed to be seen
Love, make me free
Track Name: Ready to Sing
Hurry up, the water’s moving, a river wide that never ends
Young enough to be your sister, big enough for all your friends
Here you’ll find a little castle. Make your bed and get some rest
Here you’ll find a lot of muscle to try again and do your best

Welcome to my father’s house

A mustard seed goes through the motions
wash your feet and get undressed
A pretty day to be a pilgrim, a pretty day to be a mess

Welcome to my father’s house
And I come ready to sing away everything
Come ready to sing

Holy Ghost…a little scary…shine a light on the mold.
Here you’ll find a lot of mercy
so dry your eyes and grab ahold

Welcome to my father’s house
And I come ready to sing away everything
Come ready to sing.
Track Name: Brave
Oh, Comfort comes like water when I recall his words:
"Anytime you speak to me you know you will be heard
Among the congregation voices raising a praising tune
Or whispering in the darkness all alone in your room
You Can be brave, brave, brave, oh yes you can
You've got all that you need in your two praying hands"

Oh, Daniel writes of three friends sent in that fiery hole
And if you look inside you won't believe your eyes, oh what you would behold
There with them was another no one could yet name
With him they stood upright in the blazing light and were untouched by the flames
So i can be brave, brave, brave, oh yes I can
I've got the help of a mighty savior In my two praying hands.
That's why I'm brave, I'm brave, I'm brave, oh yes I am
I've got all that I need in my two praying hands.

Where two or three of us gather to call upon our God
in might he comes to meet us to strengthen lowly odds
Oh Lord I’ve kept a record so my fading faith may see
how the creator of the universe has loving eyes for me
I can be brave, brave, oh brave, oh yes I can
I've got all that I need in my two praying hands.
Track Name: Love Is At Your Window
Love is at your window, he’s knocking on your door
standing by your bedside, sleeping on your floor
I can bring you much, I can show you love
I can bring you much

Love is right beside you. He taps you on the back
He’s painting you a picture of everything you lack
I can bring you much, I can show you love
I can bring you much

Love is in the water. Just drink and you will see
that love is in your daughters. He brought them to their knees
I can bring you much, I can show you love
I can bring you much.
Track Name: Every Single Day
Oh, Little One, I’ve got nothing to offer
I call, you come fetch a pail of fresh water
I’m a target, you’re a target every single day

Oh, Little One, keep me in your prayers nightly
School uniform shining in my mind brightly
I get ready, you get ready every single day
I’m unsteady, guilt confetti every single day

I’ve got lots to say I don’t write down
I can take a drive across my town and see your face
all around

I need cover, you need cover every single day
My faith flutters, my hope suffers every single day

Oh, Little One, if you knew the time I’ve wasted
loosing my tongue with complaints and gifts hated
I’m off target, you’re off target every single day
I’m a blessing, you’re a blessing every single day…
Track Name: At a Loss
I’m a tired dog, an empty field
a place where nothing grows
I’m the ocean floor, a mountain top
a thing nobody knows
I’m a broken lamp, from a broken home
a tiny, shining star
I’m a lawbreaker, a sturdy friend
an insect in a jar

and I wanna say I’m sorry
you’ve already paid for what I’ve done
I wanna say thank you
but thank you’s not enough
I wanna say something, but I’m at a loss
I wanna say something

Could I find joy in a simple thing
if it was what I was tasked to do?
Can I change my mind about everything
without walking in somebody’s shoes?
Can I call a friend who’s let me down
just to ask if they’re ok?
Can I shut my mouth and risk my heart
when I think I’ve been betrayed?